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Friday, April 19, 2013

Triple Layer Choc Mousse

 Hah ! as for today..
 i'm making triple layer choc mousse.^^ it's not that difficult..  at least i am succeed in making it =) 

okay tak ? ^^

its finger likin good taw ! haha.. 

well.. thats for today's dessert.. and glad that everybody enjoy their dessert ..^^

Alhamdulillah .. Praise to Allah for all rezki that He gave us for today ^^

( tulis sikit je sebab i've got no idea what to story..)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cheese Cake

To my invisible husband^^

    as for today..   saya belajar cara membuat cheese cake.. it's so fun ! haha.. manalah tahu cheese cake is one of your favorite cake.. so. if u're asking me to make it. at least i know how^^. bangga takk? saya akan sedaya upaya belajar untuk memasak semua perkara... at least i can cook it for you.. hehe..

okk laa husband.. ^^

see u next time.^^